Passage of the Olympic flame


The Olympic flame will pass through Versailles on 23 July 2024!

The Olympic flame will be lit in Olympia on 16 April 2024 according to ancient tradition using the rays of the sun during a ceremony in the sanctuary of Olympia. It will reach France by boat aboard the Belem, the legendary three-masted ship, to reach Marseille on 8 May 2024.


The Olympic flame will then begin its journey of more than two months through 400 towns and cities in France to reach Paris, the host city of the Games, for the opening ceremony.


On 23 July 2024, the Olympic flame will shine in Versailles for the 63rd stage of its journey. The city was chosen as a “stage community”, it will host the Olympic cauldron.

A unique experience that will allow the population to celebrate the arrival of the Games.


The tradition of the Olympic torch relay highlights the history of France. In Versailles, the flame will travel to the Palace of Versailles. It will also provide an opportunity to salute all those who helped write history.



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