Modern pentathlon


The modern pentathlon will take place from August 8 to 11, 2024 in Versailles!
The program includes 4 events from five sports:
  • Swimming, 200m freestyle
  • Fencing in the form of 30-second bouts
  • Equestrian jumping with a horse drawn 20 minutes before the event.
  • Laser-run, which combines running and shooting. Athletes alternate between running and shooting at five targets.
The modern pentatlhon takes place in two stages: 
Firstly, during the swimming, fencing and horse-riding events, athletes score points to determine the starting order for the final event: the laser-run. 
The first to cross the finish line wins the gold medal.

The swimming, horse-riding and laser-run events will take place at the Château de Versailles. 
The fencing event will take place at the Arena Paris Nord.
Here is the schedule of events
Friday, August 9: Men's semi-final 
Saturday, August 10: Women's semi-final
Saturday, August 10: Men's final 
Sunday, August 11: Women's final


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