nautical jousting

Location : Ile de la Chaussée


Rendez-vous Théâtre de verdure par le parc Patri
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 48.868335
Longitude : 2.141417
Tournoi de Joutes nautiques
Ile de la Chaussée
Rendez-vous Théâtre de verdure par le parc Patri


Water jousting in Bougival with 6 teams competing in this tournament.
light refreshments on site
Experience the excitement of nautical jousting on the banks of the Seine in Bougival!
A spectacle that combines history and adrenaline, making the Seine the perfect stage for this timeless event. Spectator or actor? The choice is yours!
Spectator: from the banks of the Seine, come and cheer on the jousters and enjoy this original show.
Actor: come aboard as a rower or jouster, and be supervised and advised by professionals from the Nautique Seine association.
All participants will receive a great reward!
Join us for a day of traditions, laughter and nautical exploits. Afterwards, enjoy the entertainment at the ball organised by Nautic Park!

Places are limited for jousters and rowers:
The tournament will consist of 6 teams!
Under-18s not allowed.
Identity card required.
By registering as a team or as an individual, you are assuring us that you are over 18 and in good physical condition.

In partnership with the town of Bougival and the Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Versailles Grand Parc.



Tournoi de joutesen 1890
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avenue Jean-Baptiste Charcot 78380 Bougival

Sunday 16 June 2024

14:00 to 18:00